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Write It Down

Write It Down

Scientists including James Watson and Francis Crick discovered that our DNA is a written code. Our lives begin and are formed with words. The words in our DNA form our lives.

The Gospel of St. John opens, “In the beginning was the Word,” and through the Word, “All things were made.”

God began all creation with the Word. Our life individually is based on a word. Likewise our business should be formed on a word. Our dream or vision for our business is that word. Our dream and our vision should guide us through the minutia of each day.

Write down or type up your dream to stay focused. God’s law was written on stone and our lives are written in our DNA. Likewise we should have the dream of our business written down in words.

“A waning of the dream results in confusion of counsel” –Richard Weaver

In my thirty years of business, I forgot my dream many times. The dream waned, but I returned to it and revised it with my changing life. Returning to the dream has always improved my business. 

Don’t allow your dream to wane. Write it down.

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