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Some beneficial tax provisions will expire and not be available to taxpayers after 2021 And as of 12/31/22 Congress is not taking steps to extend them. There are other expiring provisions, but these are the most impactful expirations. One new provision for 2022 has been postponed. In prior years payment card transactions totaling $20,000 or
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AOL Email Address Hacked

On 12/20/22 between 12:00 and 1:00 pm, my cranecpa@aol.com email account was hacked. Someone in Kent, Washington gained access to my account and sent emails to many of my friends. When someone responded a second email was sent asking for financial assistance. That second email came from cranecpa_@hotmail.com or cranecpa @hotmail.com. That is not my
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Write It Down

Scientists including James Watson and Francis Crick discovered that our DNA is a written code. Our lives begin and are formed with words. The words in our DNA form our lives. The Gospel of St. John opens, “In the beginning was the Word,” and through the Word, “All things were made.” God began all creation
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